Thank you TAB artists! Thank you Baerbel!

I still feel Robert Presley’s spirit when I put on this show. He was such an outrageous and compelling force in this community. Everyone applauded his daring and dash. The art auction is a fitting tribute to Robert, a talented fabric artist.”
— Bärbel Hacke

Art donated to the TAB Art Auction has been as varied as its many creators and whatever form it takes, it always springs from a very personal place. For 21 years Telluride Gallery of Fine Art director Baerbel Hacke worked tirelessly to mount an impressive art auction in support of TAB. To date the TAB Art Auction has raised over $375,000.

2016 was the final year for the TAB Art Auction. The Telluride AIDS Benefit is eternally grateful to Baerbel for her dedication to the cause and for supporting so many wonderful artists in our community.

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