Ethiopian Family Fund
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


HIV/AIDS is powerful and widespread in Ethiopia. Fear and misinformation surround it.  Many people who test positive for HIV/AIDS are ostracized from their families and communities. This is especially difficult for women and children, who don’t have many places they can turn to for their survival. For this reason, EFF is helping these families.

Our Sisters in Ethiopia program works with HIV positive women and their children,  providing a 4 month rehabilitation/training program where they offer shelter, medical care and food to the family. They educate the women about their HIV status, nutritional needs, hygiene, sanitation and correct medicine management. They also ensure their children are enrolled in school.
EFF makes every effort to keep the mother-child bond strong, while supporting a sustainable path toward independence for the young mothers. A skills training program is implemented in order to teach the women how to manage money and how to begin a business hence becoming more independent and bringing hope to the family. To help facilitate this, EFF provides capital to help the women get started.

After graduation, each woman is followed and helped to succeed. Their businesses start out small but many have grown exponentially. The women come to understand that they are not “bad” or “cursed” and they are not alone. Beautiful friendships are made and a new life begins.

EFF committed to improving the lives of Ethiopians through educational opportunities and access to healthcare, while respecting their cultural integrity.