Khayletisha, South Africa

Generation Ubuntu (GenU) improves the health and wellbeing of children and teens living with HIV through a holistic care model of: health & nutrition, psychosocial support, HIV & life-skills education, and community engagement. 

HIV is no longer a death sentence – it is a manageable condition and with proper care can enable children to live full, successful and meaningful lives. It is about guidance and inspiration, shining a light on the problem whilst highlighting the joy and positivity that abounds. This ethos of positivity and affirmation in the face of adversity is what they are all about – is what ‘ubuntu’ is all about – a sense of togetherness and a generosity of spirit.

  • There are 410,000 children under the age of 14 living with HIV in South Africa.
  • HIV/AIDS is the leading cause of death in children under 5.
  • 80% of children who need ARV treatment are not accessing these life-saving drugs or struggle with adherence
  • Many children living with HIV have been orphaned, live in poverty and are victims of abuse, neglect and bullying.

The good news is that with ongoing treatment & support children living with HIV can lead long, healthy and meaningful lives. Generation Ubuntu is working to make that happen.