HIV Education

My involvement with TAB through high school made me more aware and educated about the virus. TAB helped me realize that being afraid of the disease is naïve. Now I educate my college peers about HIV/AIDS, telling them that anyone can contract it, despite race or sexual orientation. I tell them that they shouldn't be afraid to get tested!
— Mia McLaughin, Former THS Student

AIDS Education

GOAL: To educate students with accurate, up-to-date information so they can make healthy, informed decisions and become future advocates for HIV/AIDS awareness.

The Telluride Middle/High School AIDS Education Day has been in effect since1991. Every year, TAB invites presenters and educators to a day of workshops and break out sessions. From young people who are HIV+, to physicians and nurses, to beneficiaries from both Colorado and Africa, our presenters and educators provide insight into the work they are doing day by day to fight sexually transmitted diseases. 

Students are presented with an HIV/AIDS overview program called HIV 101 where they participate in hands-on learning activities, such as a test tube demonstration on how quickly a virus can spread and infect others. Students are provided a safe space to discuss sexually transmitted diseases, questions about sex and gender, and reproductive concerns through a peer to peer learning environment. 

Student Show

Directed, choreographed and starring Telluride High School students, this TAB tradition features local fashions and talent. 

All proceeds from the show and support TAB's educational program. 

Clothing from this show will be for sale at the Sample Sale on Monday February 29th at the Sheridan Opera House. 

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