Pam Guillory


Pam Guillory has been a volunteer for TAB in many capacities since 2007, after taking a dare from good friend Sunny Griffin, she stepped on to the infamous TAB runway. 

Raised and educated in the south, Pam lived in the Dallas area for 26 years working in the corporate world. After visiting in Telluride in the 80’s ~ a seed was planted of what it would be like living in a place that was such a diamond in the rough. Pam felt humbled by the beauty and welcomed by the locals.

After moving here, Pam became aware of the philanthropy and outreach of the Telluride community, seeing local efforts reach far beyond the canyon walls, especially when it comes to HIV and AIDS. As a board member, Pam is dedicated to continuing to inspire this passion and activism for this cause in new community members of every age. 

Pam also sits the Board of Directors for the Telluride Association of Realtors. She is a strong community organizer and leader, involved with numerous groups and organizations that make the Telluride community what it is today — a deeply passionate, philanthropic, and forward thinking community on the cutting edge of magical places to live. 

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