shawn rozsa - Artistic Director

Shawn is thrilled to be working with TAB again to direct his fifth fashion show. He is a native New Yorker currently living in Monterey, California and has been directing theatrical shows for over thirty years. These include a number of shows for the Telluride Repertory Theater, other regional houses, and a few Off-Broadway productions in NYC. He is currently developing a large arts festival for the Monterey community. 

Having been in the theater community for many years, Shawn has personally known numerous people that have been affected by HIV/AIDS.  "It's of the utmost importance that we continue to get support to aid those who are, or will be, in need of assistance. The silence that I have encountered recently when I question others about the disease is deafening. We must break this silence and continue to inform people that without unrelenting support the virus will continue to eradicate thousands."

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