Wearable Art

Robert Presley, for whom TAB was started, was an incredible local clothing designer. Every year in his honor, TAB continues to support local designers by including their work in the Fashion Show.

The 2019 Wearable Art theme Will be announced soon.

Check back for more information Here!


  • Wearable Art is unique artwork created to be worn and displayed. It is fun, unexpected and not recognizable as traditional clothing. 
  • Click here for botanical inspiration. 
  • All entries and accessories must clearly be from the botanical world:
    • Entries may be built on existing garments, such as corsets or formal gowns, but the botanical nature should be the majority of the entry. We're looking for skirts created out of jumbo leaves rather than leaves and blooms painted on a skirt. 
    • Any material may be used. Wire, paper, plastic, fabric ~ stretch your creative limits!
  • Entries should be between women's sizes 6 - 12  and a men's medium. 
  • Up to 2 outfits may be submitted per artist or group. 
  • All entries must:
    • Be able to withstand the rigors of transportation to the Conference Center in Mountain Village
    • Be able to walk up and down stairs and enter through doorways. 
    • Be able to withstand repeated wearing during rehearsals and fittings.
  • Accepted work will be in all performances of the Fashion Show at the Telluride Conference Center in Mountain Village on February 28, March 1 & 3, 2018.
  • TAB requests but does not require that creations be donated to be auctioned off in a Silent Auction preceding the Fashion Show performances.


  • Wednesday, January 10th, Wearable Artists' Workshop @ Ah Haa School - Bring your questions, ideas and partially completed designs. Share and learn new techniques with other artists.
  • JANUARY 19th - DEADLINE TO SUBMIT - Submit completed Wearable Art Artist Form and email photos for all entries.
    • Designs do not need to be complete but ideas need to be developed through descriptions, drawings and photos.
    • Complete the Wearable Art Artist Form HERE.
    • Email photos, drawings, mood boards, etc. to kathleen@aidsbenefit.org
  • Monday, January 22nd — Wearable Art Committee will finalize all decisions and contact artists.
  • Week of January 22 or week after, Possible Wearable Artists' Workshop #2 @ Ah Haa School for accepted artists. Workshop depends on interest of artists. 
  • Monday, February 26 — Delivery of all creations to Conference Center and model fittings with artists at Conference Center in Mountain Village. Time: TBA (usually around 5pm)
  • Wed. February 28, Thur. March 1 & Sat. March 3 — Dress Rehearsal, Sneak Peek and Gala Fashion Shows. Artist access to backstage prior to show for dressing and repairs will be announced. 
  • Pick up for items not donated:
    • Sun. March 4: Conference Center - 10am -12pm OR at Sheridan Opera House, 1-4 pm


  • Entries must be submitted by deadlines listed above.
  • Limit: 2 entries per designer or group.
  • Sneak Peek tickets:
    • Selected individual artist entries receive one ticket to the Sneak Peek performance on Thursday, March 1
    • Group entries receive two tickets for the Sneak Peek performance on Thursday, March 1.
  • All entries must be original designs and must not have been used previously in a TAB-sponsored event.


  • Entries will be judged on originality, creativity, innovation and construction.
  • TAB retains the right to move garments to different sections of the show and recommend accessory additions and/or deletions.
  • The Wearable Art Committee will judge all submissions.
  • The committee’s decisions are final and will not be challenged. 


  • Provide clear instructions on hang tags. Include your name, title of piece, dressing instructions and inventory of accessories for each garment and any special needs required for backstage - storage, hanging, etc. 
  • You must provide every item that you wish your model to wear e.g. if entering a skirt, there must also be an accompanying top. Consider everything your model needs to wear i.e. nude boob tube, specialist pantyhose and spares.
  • Loops on skirts/bodices make hanging and storage easier. If a particular hanger is required, please supply it.
  • Entries must be durable! Test each piece and be confident it is not too heavy, unbalanced, uncomfortable or will not hold together with multiple wearings. 


  • A great concept must be supported with form and design.
  • Taking art off the wall and adorning the moving body requires you to make your entry integral to the human form.
  • Make sure the garment is comfortable enough to wear so that it can be choreographed for a model to show it off to its best advantage.
  • Entries including dangerous or sharp pieces or unfinished edges that may be harmful to models will not be considered.
  • TAB accepts no responsibility for any damage to or loss of entries.
  • TAB reserves the right to accept only a portion of your total entries.
  • TAB reserves the right to auction or sell all entries it chooses upon agreement with the designer. Please indicate which pieces are available for sale on your entry form.

Contact Kathleen Morgan at kathleen@aidsbenefit.org

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